Monday, 7 December 2009

Guinea – A nation in distress

It is time that elections scheduled for January 2010 go ahead with out fail.
The shooting of Captain Moussa "Dadis" Camara only seems to confirm the lengths that Guinean soldiers will go to; in masking their acts of violence against civilians, solidifying their hold on power and plans to ignore the ballot box all together.

It was exactly a year ago that the death of ruthless dictator Lansana Conte sparked an opportunistic coupe by a relatively unknown captain. Moussa declared himself leader of Guinea despite repeated calls from for International Community for him to stand down.

(ECOWAS) Economy of West African States with support from forma colonial masters France imposed smart sanctions; curtailing the regimes ability to travel. But this coup was with a difference; crystallized by jubilant cheering crowds as Moussa declared himself king.

A United Nations panels visit to Guinea in November to investigate the killing of scores of civilians by Moussa’s troops; was the final straw on the camels back for this rag tag army.

Moussa’s insistence that he should be included in next year’s elections; spelt the end of this so called revolution. Moussa’s credibility was compromised as he refused to take responsibility for his army. Deciding instead to blame Abubakar "Toumba" Diakite's an Officer in charge of the operation during the massacre. It is not surprising that a fire fight ensued leaving Moussa with a bullet wound to the head.

Split elements within the army are now protecting Diakite's who is now in hiding. A second coup is very likely as Moussa seeks medical attention in Morocco for his injuries. When ever Moussa recovers from his injuries he may find it difficult coming back into his country. What is clear is that an internal struggle is imminent as the military fights an internal war with various top dogs trying to take control of this West African country.

The stakes are high as foreign companies, especially as China have only recently signed a 4.4 Billion Dollar mining deal. ECOWAS will have to take a far tougher line against the military regime and ask for the regime to leave office immediately. The future and stability of fragile neighbouring countries can be easily undermined if Guinea were to become unstable.

Gen. Sekouba Konate, the vice president of the military is now in charge of the country. Diakites is now on the run and he was sighted heading for the Sierra Leone border area, covenanting in a heightened state of alert from the Sierra Leonean border agency.


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