Monday, 22 March 2010

Rough Justice

At the best of times justice in many parts of Africa can be corrupt, unfair and unequal. It is usually based on who you know, how much money you have and the level of influence you are able to command.

In South Africa popular R&B star Molemo (known as Jub Jub) was intoxicated, high on cocaine and other drugs. He raced his car at high speeds in a heavily populated part of Soweto, leaving four people dead following a fatal collision.

Drug use and its glamorization is an ever growing problem in Africa. Cocaine an illegal drug is one of the most addictive. It stays longer in your body, slows down your judgement, can lead to delayed reactions and a false sense of security.

The granting of bail to "Jub Jub" despite his reckless actions and poor judgement, have upset many people in community. Many people have taken to the streets in protest leading to clashes with the police and law enforcement officials.

Issues relating to poverty, inequality and justice is what Soweto residents are demanding. South Africa must have one justice for all. There cannot be one justice for celebrities and another for common every day South Africans. Justice must be true and uncompromising. It should be free, fair and equal amongst all men and women.

President Zuma and his ANC party will have to start delivering on what they have promised the vast majority of the people. They must bring in much needed investment, development and addressing the root caused of poverty. We must all remember that the ANC was created with a sole purpose of enriching and empowering the lives of all South Africans.

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