Sunday, 28 March 2010

Your Health Your Future

Sierra Leone has one of the highest in the world for infant, child and maternal mortality rates.

World wide mortality rates have improved significantly but in Africa especially Sierra Leone mortality rates are very high and reversal of this decline is painfully slow.

The Human development index provides the blue print by which mortality rates can be measured and evaluated. Mortality rates are part of a wider problem. GDP, life expectancy, literacy rates, gender inequality and human rights are factors that assist in providing clarity as to the causes and solutions to this problem.

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest nations on earth. Slavery, colonisation, bad governance and a decade long war have contributed to large parts of the population living on a dollar a day. The Sierra Leonean economy is heavily reliant on International Aid and urgently needs Foreign Direct Investment. But this will only take root when there is good governance, availability of an educated work force and respect for human rights.

In Sierra Leone only the privilege have access to education and health services. The poor have to fend on their own and women and children can become seriously affected. Access to health care and education is a human right. This is sanctioned and should be respected by all those countries that are signatures of convention. The Sierra Leonean government must provide the basic rights for women ensuring that this equality is applied to all.

Inequalities in health provision have a direct relationship with income inequality that is synonymous with many poorly managed economies. This Results in increases in mortality rates and reduction in life expectancy. However countries like china have shown that without GDP increases and economic prosperity, progress in addressing a nation’s health can be dawdling. But with clear vision and care provision, people lives could be improved and transformed.

The health of the nation is very important; the health of any nation can directly affect wellbeing. This can influence spending habits and affect economic activity. Healthy workers can live longer and can be very hard working. Healthy individuals are likely and more willing to invest in education, which empowers others and provide immense career opportunities for many.

Mortality rates can only be reduced by immunization, availability and accessibility to adequate health services. There is a need for the government of Sierra Leone to increase the numbers of qualified health professionals. It is imperative that these services are made available locally, preventing residents from travelling great distances.

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